Trios 3Shape Scanner

Mount Vernon Smile Design is now offering the Trios 3Shape scanner. This scanner offers fast digital technology which provides detailed scanning results in just minutes. Our patients love the comfort of this scanner because it utilizes air cooling and suction to allow them to stay very comfortable through each appointment. The scanner also allows us to get cases back quicker from the lab and it’s more precise/accurate than physical impressions.

What is the Trios 3Shape Scanner

The Trios 3Shape Scanner is an award winning digital scanner that allows us to skip the messy impressions and take a digital impression of your mouth. This type of scanner can pair with our technology to provide our patients with new treatments, reduced chair time, and no hassle. It’s also wireless, so you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up in cords.

A dental assistant uses a Trios 3Shape Scanner to take digital impressions of a dental patient's teeth

Benefits of Using the Trios 3Shape Scanner

This is a huge benefit to using the Trios 3Shape Scanner. The scanner helps make everything from taking the impression to getting the result back from the lab more efficient.

The Patient Experience
As previously stated, the digital scanner helps enhance the patient experience. No more messy impressions and the patient and doctors both get a full 3D representation of the patient’s mouth.

Digital scans are just as accurate-if not more accurate-than traditional analog impressions. With digital impressions, we avoid mistakes that could happen when creating the impression in the lab.

You can see that using a Trios 3Shape Scanner is a great alternative to traditional impressions. Here at Mount Vernon Smile Design, we do everything we can to make sure our patients are comfortable and get the best experience possible. Call us at 360-336-6193 to schedule an appointment and see what all the hype about our new digital scanner is!

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